LG 231c Review: Pros and Cons

The LG 231c is the newest flip-phone available for the three America Movil prepaid companies – Net10, Straight Talk, and TracFone. Right off the bat it’s obvious the 231c is very closely related to the slightly older LG 220c. Their commonalities consist of the proportions, shape, price tag, and model naming structure. There are still dissimilarities worth pointing out, however.

Below are some key points from my testing on the LG 231.

First, the things I didn’t like:

• The LG 231c has a hard-coded browser key, which cannot be re-programmed or disabled. It’s easy to cost yourself minutes by accidentally activating the browser. Thankfully, you won’t be charged for couple of seconds, during which you will be able to terminate the procedure in an effort to avert giving up minutes. This is also possibly something that wouldn’t be a problem once you get used to the phone. But on the older model, the user could re-program the browser key to avoid the issue completely.

• This phone unfortunately can’t be connected to a computer. The ability to use either a USB-to-PC connection or Bluetooth seems to have been disabled. On this model, bluetooth can be used only to connect for headset operation. (Note that this was true at least in the TracFone edition that I used for my assessment. It is possible, though in my opinion highly unlikely, that the Straight Talk or Net10 versions may have different capabilities).

Now, the advantages:

• This device is really light in weight and very small, which this would make it painless to handle.

• The black finish looks good in my opinion; the phone is kind of round which is also aesthetically pleasing.

• This new version includes a camera (whereas the 220c did not). Unfortunately the camera resolution is very low as it is only VGA.

• If you have a bunch of contacts in your contact list, this newer version can store as many as a thousand phone book entries. You can also keep four hundred sms messages in your message box, and 300 alerts in your calendar.

• Consumers can readily acquire an extra charging cable for this device because it utilizes a popular connection form. The “micro-USB” format found on the 231c has recently become the most common type of charging connector among all major cell phone producers, so extra chargers and data cables will be easy to find.

• Signal reception is exceedingly good and offers a connection anywhere there exists just the faintest coverage (employing the Verizon towers or various other smaller CDMA carriers)

• Another very helpful feature is the verbal command; it can be used to make calls directly (e.g. by saying “Call 555-867-5309”) or tell your device to dial from your phone book (such as “call Mom”).

• A basic browser is built into this model. There are plenty of additional programs and features in the “Tools;” for example, memos, clock, and scheduler.

• A sound recording option is included which, obviously, allows one to create audio recordings.

Over-all, I’m sure this model is an acceptable handset relative to its price. People commonly ask whether this handset is any better than it’s precursor, the 220. My reply: it might be, only if you will make use of the camera available on the updated version.

Hopefully you learned something from this brief summary. To get a full critique with greater in-depth analysis, check out the following review of the LG 231c.


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